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About Me
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  I've lived in Cardiff for a large part of my life and am now based there. Its cityscapes and proximity to the sea and the mountains make it the perfect place for photography. The urban sprawl, the natural manifestations, the social and sporting events afford me a wealth of opportunities to use my camera.

If you want photographs taken of anything, contact me.

My first encounter with a real desire for photography was on a trip around the world during the late 90's. Equipped with my father's reputable Olympus Trip 35, I spent a year and a half dropping in on Nepal, Australia and New Zealand. It was during the Austrlian leg of the trip that I upgraded to a Pentax SLR and photography became part of my life. Landscape photography was my first passion due to my love of the outdoors. I still get out to the coast or mountains as often as I can, although its more often on my mountain bike these days. Its difficult to carry a high quality digital SLR whilst hanging onto your bike for all your worth, screaming around the tracks of South Wales. Ill take a day off (chicken out!) and get behind the lens to photograph the downhillers from the Dragon Downhill crew whenever they're racing locally or general mountain bike mayhem at any of the South Wales tracks such as Cwm Carn or Afan Argoed.
Being from a large family has given me plenty of opportunity to hone my portait photography skills. These skills I hope you can see in the portraits section of the gallery. If you're thinking of having a portrait shot of yourself or a child, get in touch and I can come along and give you a personal and memorable portrait printed to the highest quality and to whatever size you would like.